As a kid, I loved flashlights.  There was just about nothing better than taking a flashlight out at night and walking around in the dark.  Or building a blanket tent and “camping” out inside it with a flashlight.  Just having a flashlight and playing with it was pretty awesome.  I’m not sure if everyone feels that way, but apparently it’s genetic and Caroline and Carter received the flashlight entertainment gene.  Caroline loves playing with flashlights so much, we actually got her one with rechargeable batteries for one of her birthdays.  I think mom and dad usurped it and it’s now in their car.

A couple of weekends ago, Carter and I got to spend the day all by ourselves.  We took an afternoon nap, watched Ronin, and of course played with flashlights.



We took another trip up to Colmesneil this past weekend to have a more in depth look at the house on Frog Pond Lake.

Here’s the view from the dock.

I took my trusty flashlight and did some crawling around underneath the house looking around.  It needs a LOT of work.  So much that I told Jodi we would probably be better off taking it down, reclaiming a lot of the still good lumber and then building a small house where that one stood.  The property has a water well.  We weren’t able to test the pump, though.  It also has two 500 gallon septic tanks.  Who knows what condition those are in.  My estimate would be not good.  That’s really not a problem as we had talked about getting a composting toilet.  I really don’t want to have to deal with septic issues.

I have no doubt that the property will only appreciate (just look at that view) as more and more people leave the big cities and look for simpler lives.  But, I’m not looking for an investment property.  Of course, this is really Jodi’s thing.  Truthfully, owning a house on a piece of property kind of scares me now.  Owning property has the unavoidable side effect of tethering you to it.  And stuff, the material kind, has a tendency to creep and pile up on you when you live in a house.  Heck, it’s even happened living on a boat.  It’s much more manageable, however.

I tell Jodi all the time, give me a good backpack and a nice tent and I’ll be perfectly happy.

Oh . . . I’ll also need a couple of good flashlights.

Published On: 2017 October 10

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