that is  . . .

authentic. candid. documentary. journalistic.

unexpected. adventurous. entertaining. atypical.

loving. joyful. tearful. emotional.


 just the beautiful chaos of organic people.

an unscripted story unfolding instant by instant.

a record of the day in picture form that you can use to remember your wedding year after year.

a chronicle.

people and moments.

spontaneous actions and interactions.

hugs in the crowd. laughs and tears on the dance floor.


not staged or posed.

genuine and unselfconscious.

faithful to you and your day.


people are beautifully imperfect.

weddings are beautifully imperfect.

some of my pictures will be beautifully imperfect.


real moments, not contrived poses

when you look back at your wedding pictures, i want you to return to that moment; that instant. to remember the feeling. feel the atmosphere. see the emotion.

to achieve that, i catch sincere and heartfelt moments that are happening as your wedding day unfolds so that you can see the emotions of everyone there. and bring back memories in the years to come.

allow the moments to happen naturally. i’ll capture them unobtrusively and authentically so you can relive them later and remember your wedding, not a photoshoot.

what about group shots?

if we must, sure. but, they’ll be candid group shots. think of them as a record of who was there. the group. all together. relaxed. being themselves. there’ll be no ladders and special arranging of your guests. no awkward smiles. no forced or directed poses. we’ll get the photos efficiently and then get everyone back to why they are there: to celebrate your wedding!

how do i decide if you’re the photographer for us?

look at my portfolio. wedding and other pictures. does my style resonate with you? do you want natural, candid pictures without stiff, posed shots? read some of my blog posts (about all kinds of stuff). do i sound like a guy you want photographing your wedding day? seem like we would work great together?

i’m not an event manager. i’m there to capture images of your wedding. i’m the guy chatting with friends and family, getting to know them, and snapping some pics. if you want someone to keep your wedding on schedule and hassle your guests for pictures, i am certainly not your guy.

if you answered yes to all the questions and don’t want an event manager, great! need to meet me first to get a feel for who i am? i’ll be more than happy to discuss and answer any questions over a coffee. already decided i’m the photographer for you? either way,  get in touch and we can set things in motion.

you can also check out my wedding faq or find out more about candid wedding photography.

details matter.

yes, i will take pictures of the details of your wedding.

the dress. table settings. decorations. venue. they are all part of the day, too. and you spent time picking those details out to make your wedding unique to you. of course they’ll be photographed. but, they will be as informal as possible. your details deserve some authentic candid love, too.

wait? what?

if an iguana happens to be part of your wedding story, you betcha! imagine 20 or 30 years later going through your wedding album on your anniversary, seeing the iguana that crashed your destination beach wedding, and being able to laugh about it. the photos i capture are to tell the story of your day. anything that’s a part of the day is a part of the story. (this story is completely fictitious. any resemblance to a real wedding story is purely coincidental. the iguana, however, was real.)

location doesn’t matter.

backyard, ballroom, barn, beach, church, courthouse, hall, lake, loft, mountain, park, rooftop, villa, zoo. anywhere.

pick the location that feels right and i’ll capture you, your emotions, and everyone else as the day unfolds into a celebration.

and just like the location, pick the photographer that feels right.

because the last thing anyone wants is to have a beach wedding in a courthouse with a bossy photographer and wind up with a bunch of photos of the judge.

that just makes the champagne taste bad.

you’ve made it this far.

and you’re still here?

have a wedding coming up?

ask a question. get more information.  find out if a date is available.

you will not be spammed.

 i would never do that to you. ever! i hate that 5h!t, too! you won’t be put on a list.

and i won’t bother you after that unless you request it.

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