what exactly is documentary wedding photography?

to put it simply, it’s wedding day photography that is done in a documentary manner such that the photographer is not directing anything; instead capturing moments, people, and all that entails in a manner that is as candid and unintrusive as possible. you might also hear it called candid, photojournalistic, or reportage wedding photography.

and that’s different from traditional wedding photography?

traditional wedding photography most often focuses on individual portraits, elaborate group photos, posed shots, and staged moments. it can make for great images, but uses time that could be enjoyed with loved ones. documentary or reportage wedding photography chooses to focus on the actual events of the day rather than on contrivances.

why you should consider documentary wedding photography

documentary wedding photography, or reportage wedding photography to give it a fancy name, prioritizes the story of your wedding. the photographer works in the background observing, capturing, and documenting the authentic moments and emotions that happen throughout the day. this is typically done using available light (with a little additive light in those darker situations) and in the natural environment in order to create images of genuine moments. if you want photographs of your wedding day without feeling like you are being photographed, this might just be for you.

make memories, not photos

with a documentary wedding photographer, you’ll get real shots of real things that actually happened. your wedding day is about you, your loved ones, and your wedding. with a documentary wedding photographer, you’ll spend time enjoying it instead of spending time with your photographer.
remember the day. not the photo shoot.