What a long time between posts.  I can give all kinds of reasons:  no internet (literally, but I’m still alive!), long hours at work (selling everything and moving onto a boat was supposed to fix that!), and the list could go on.

Caroline LOVES tattoos.  I’m not sure what I think about that.  But, it is who she is.  Tattoos last through this physical life, so you better be sure you are getting inked with something that you can live with forever.  Fortunately, Caroline’s “tattoos” are temporary.  I was asked one day if I wanted a tattoo.  Who am I to say no?  I was given my options and I picked the jellyfish.

Surprisingly, this “tattoo” lasted for close to 2 weeks.  I could live forever with the tattoo of a jellyfish.  Especially one as cute as that one.

Right in front of the gate to the large waterfront homes, they put up some hay and pumpkins in the spirit of fall.  Caroline calls it the pumpkin patch.  We went over there one evening to take some pictures.



I’m not sure why they look so glum in this picture.

On our way back to the boat, this little guy was in the water to greet us.  It hung around the marina for about a week.  In the mornings when I would walk the dogs it would sort of swim around the marina following us.  Not sure if it thought we were tasty morsels or if it was just begging for us to throw it a tasty morsel.

I’ve had so many thoughts run through my head recently and writing them down here just has not been a priority.  Why? I find myself asking.  Writing and photography was supposed to be a priority.  I’ve slipped into the same old rat race.  Not necessarily by choice.  I’m not chasing materialism.  I get enlisted in helping others chase theirs.  It’s hard to say no.  I help in the spirit of helping and possibly, an ever so small probability, I hope that I can show them that in materialism we consume and destroy ourselves.

Approaching God by Amos Bronson Alcott

When thou approachest to the One,
Self from thyself thou must first free,
Thy cloak duplicity cast clean aside,
And in thy Being’s being be.

Alcott was an American Transcendentalist.  Regardless of who or what you believe God to be, I think those 4 lines say it all.  Replace the words “One” and “Being” with “Truth”, if you prefer.

Caroline loves to throw rocks in the water.  When she was just 2, she and I would spend an hour or more on the water’s edge just throwing pebbles and stones into the water.

I used to throw them at the world.  I don’t enjoy that anymore.  Sometimes they ricochet back on their own . . . and quite often, the world throws back much larger ones.



Published On: 2017 November 16

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