documentary. photojournalistic. reportage. candid. realistic. natural. factual.

i suppose there are lots of ways to describe or categorize me. i’d go with documentary if i had to pick one. with a slight editorial twist.  i also do not use any wild or trendy “filters”. i process your color pictures with a natural color palette and tones that i feel are faithful to the original scene with a hint of warmth. look at my portfolio and decide for yourself.

i can definitely say that i don’t do staged photo shoots for weddings. i enjoy photographing events as they happen in real time. your wedding isn’t a movie set or advertising campaign shoot where everything is following a script. do you really want to walk down the aisle multiple times to capture shots from multiple angles? or, gasp, do the sparkler exit 4 different times?

if so, that’s perfectly fine, but i’m not the photographer you want.

absolutely. but, they will be sort of documentary/candid as well. round ’em up, line ’em up, smile, *snap*. just a quick record of important people surrounding you. i’d recommend the number of shots be in the single digits. 3 to 5 group photos for example. we’ll make them fast so you and your important people can get back to enjoying your day.

yes. i’m in houston, tx, but i will travel to photograph your wedding.

first, i’ll have a conversation with you to get to know you a little bit. then, i’ll look up the venue you’ve selected if it’s one i’ve never been to. this way i can get a feel for what it’s like. if it’s close, i might even visit.

about a month before your wedding date, i’ll contact you to make sure that the details (locations, times, etc.) i have are still correct.

closer to the day, i’ll make sure all my camera gear is functional and ready to go. i’ll also check to see if there are any road closures that might affect me getting there.

on the day, i’ll leave in plenty of time to ensure that i arrive early so that i’m ready to go when you are.

i currently shoot with fuji x-t3 bodies and fuji lenses. they are compact and just work for me.

the x-t3 also has dual card slots so that i can have a backup of your wedding moments.

i can’t really say. depends on how long i’m there, how long the wedding is, how many guests, etc. could be 200. could be 500. could be 900+. i shoot with care, but i also shoot a lot. i can say you will get as many as are needed to tell the story of your wedding. plus, i process everything in both color and black & white.

yes. you will receive both color and black & white files for every single image.

probably . . . not. every photographer has their own “style”. and style is more than just a preset/film stock/color/look. if i tried to replicate someone else’s style, i wouldn’t really be happy capturing your wedding day and you wouldn’t really be happy looking at the pictures because i guarantee most of them would not look like the images you saw.

get me because you like my style; photographic and personal. get someone else because you like theirs.

excited much? i know. i would be, too. i process every single image that is going to be delivered. twice. remember, you are getting color and black & white. plus, i need a little time to let them develop. i like to have them sit a couple days at least. then i go back and take another look. sometimes, i need to make slight changes because my eyes got tired or i ran out of coffee on the first go. i want to get them to you as soon as i can. you can reliably expect to have all your images ready in a few weeks after the wedding.

heck yes! all pictures will be uncopyrighted. once you download them, you can do whatever you want with them. sell them. put a filter on them. use them in a magazine. make a book. literally anything. unheard of i know. some photogs will probably try to have me hung as an agent of the devil. but, i think they are evil for making you use their print service at an ungodly price or preventing you from sharing your pictures.

absolutely. i would recommend a casual meet. i’ll buy the coffee. not starbucks. you are not a cliché. you don’t want cliché wedding pictures. let’s not get cliché coffee. someplace like siphon or slowpokes. have a favorite place? i can meet there, too.

more questions?

contact me and i’ll answer them to the best of my ability. need to set up a casual coffee meet to get to know me? i can do that, too.