yes. all of it created by me. pictures. words. drawings. uncopyrighted.

as with everything, there are always multiple sides and angles to everything. copyright might/can be positive from some perspectives.
i, however, don’t believe in it.

i do believe that, in its current form, copyright stifles creativity. it negates freedom. and it prevents the free dissemination of knowledge. in the end, copyright is about control. and that control is often about money. i don’t really want control, so i have no use for copyright. if i’ve put here, i either did it because i wanted to or someone has already paid me, which means it’s not about money for me either.

the fact that i am a minority with this opinion is not lost on me. but, as greater society goes, i tend to go opposite. i’m not forcing this idea on anyone, nor am i lobbying for the destruction or change of copyright laws. therefore, everyone is safe from me on this front.

you are free to copy, distribute, share, modify, print, and/or reproduce anything on this site. with or without credit to me.

this of course excludes everything on this site that is already copyrighted by another entity, human or otherwise.