The title of this work speaks to me:  Only the Essential.  You’ll see where they get the name if you watch it.

I see it also as you take with you only what’s essential.  And, I think, you also find along the way only what’s essential.

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.
— Marcel Proust

The video is excellently done.  At least I liked it.  Colin’s commentary was pretty terrific.

I’ve watched a number of videos and read numerous accounts of long thru-hikes, the AT, PCT, and CDT.  Each one ends the same.  As the hiker nears the hike’s termination point, it’s exhilarating and unnerving:  once it’s over, then what?

I tell Jodi quite often, I am anxious to get out there.  I’m eager to be able to, in essence, leave myself behind and see what I discover.  To fall more in love with nature and the grandeur and, simultaneously, the insignificance and significance of it all.  To be remarkable and unremarkable at once.

I received a small taste of it being on the open ocean for 6 days.  Wet and cold and teeth chattering with a smile the whole time.  Hot and starving and exhausted and exhilarated.  There were a couple of moments of sheer terror and others where I was just awestruck by the beauty.

It’s those stupid crazy juxtapositions that make experiences so incredible.

I have every intention of hiking all 7,918+ miles of the 3 long US trails.  I’ll be smiling for at least 7,000 of them.

I anticipate mosquitos for the other 918+.

Published On: 2018 February 22


  1. jodiaw90 2018 February 23 at 10:18 am - Reply

    I really, really liked that video. I know you are so ready to do it!

    • Clint Williams 2018 February 23 at 3:38 pm - Reply

      Yeah, it was pretty good and I am aching to get out and hike. I hope, too, that I can somehow capture images, and maybe video, that will capture people’s imagination and spirit and cause them to see the world as a marvelously beautiful place. That sunset pic of the tent with the light from Colin simply inspires me. I can just imagine being there and experiencing it.

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