Saturday was the beginning of us preparing for actually selling the boat.  We had to go rent a small storage space because, well, we have no where else to put anything.

We, Jodi actually, boxed up the stuff that we don’t use on a daily basis:  extra towels, extra bed sheets, dishes, spare electronics cables, books, some knickknacks, board games, etc.  A little bit of other stuff was actually discarded as well.  Yes, even when you do extreme downsizing, there is still purging that can be done.

She had begun boxing the stuff up several weeks ago and all the full and empty boxes were stored in the v-berth.  It dramatically reduced our living space.  Not that it was a too bad.  We had shut off the v-berth anyway due to the extreme cold recently.  We just don’t have enough heating capacity to warm the ENTIRE boat.  So, the v-berth was closed and we slept in the saloon on the pull-out berth.


It took only two trips with the Mazda 3 loaded up to get just about all our stuff into storage.

With the exception of the jack stands and the cable winch, everything else was on the boat.  We still have some stuff to bring over.

I joked with Jodi that we could actually live in that storage space.  She laughed and said, yeah, all we would need is a bunk bed.  Her laugh was sarcastic by the way.  She wouldn’t actually live in a storage unit.  I on the other hand am probably adventurous enough to try.

We still don’t have the boat listed through a brokerage.  We’ve been in contact and everything “should have” happened by now, but it hasn’t.  Probably if things aren’t finalized in the next week, I’m just going to list it by myself.  We aren’t going to ask an exorbitant amount and I hopefully price it so that it sells quickly.

I’ve introduced Jodi to some small camper style RVs (yes, Julie C, you also had the idea).  She “entertains” the idea like she also entertains the idea of moving to Patagonia.  You know, the whole romance of freedom and space.  It sounds good until one realizes that it means limited Internet, no big fancy grocery store, and no pizza place.  There’ve been a couple of “cute” couples that are living the vagabond lifestyle and posting MeTube videos that she’s watched.  But, when it comes right down to it, she would be less happy in one of those than she is on the boat.

Land with a small (NOT tiny) home is where she is headed.  Here’s the house design so far.


Good heavens that’s a lot of volume to try to condition the air in.  It looks that way anyway.  With the loft, it’s around 500 sq ft.  How extravagantly HUGE!!  There’s storage under the stairs and there are built-in bookcases all around the front door. (The pink pyramid looking thing is pointing at the front door on the floor plan.)

We’ll get the boat listed soon, sold, and then start working on what happens next.

Published On: 2018 February 5

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