Caroline and Carter were over again.  Seems this is turning into the grandkids blog.

When I was a young kid, I was picked on quite a bit.  White hair, very skinny, and probably being just a little too pretentious for my own good all contributed to it.  But, a large majority of it was just other kids being mean and I really didn’t stand up for myself either.  I just wasn’t a fighter.  And kids will pick on other kids for anything and everything.  It’s sad actually.

Don’t feel bad for me, however.  I grew into myself and the bullying stopped.  In the end, it actually made me a stronger person.  Furthermore, I was an egotistical little snot and I treated some friends pretty crappy as well as I was growing up.  Karma.

Jodi found this sticker at REI the other day and “just had to have it.”  I admit:  it is a pretty cool sticker.

Back on topic, Caroline and Carter are about to start “school” while Bethany goes to classes at UH.

This morning, we fed the kiddos oatmeal, coffee milk (for Caroline), and chocolate milk (for Carter) and proceeded to get them ready to go drop me off at work and then take them back to mom.

Last night was cold and we had the little heaters going inside the boat.  The air got a little dry . . . and Caroline has a tendency to occasionally pick her nose.

“Sweetie.  You’ve got to stop picking your nose.”


“Well, it’s just not proper etiquette.  You’re about to start school and the other kids will make fun of you for it.”

“But, grandad, I have boogies.”

“So, blow you nose.  Don’t pick it.”

“But, grandad, they are hard and sticky and won’t come out.”

Logic.  Damn logic.  But, logic won’t fight off the bullies.

“OK.  I understand.  But, you have to make sure that you only pick it when no one else is looking, ok?”


I don’t know if my advise to Caroline was wise or not.  But, let’s face it, there are times when we all have to resort to sticking a finger up there.  It just can’t be helped.  I remember other kids being relentlessly picked on for picking their noses among other things.  I always felt so bad for them.

So, next time someone else’s crazy is showing, recognize that your crazy just might start hanging out, too.


Published On: 2018 January 3


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    That’s because you pick your nose!

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    I like this post.

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