in this age of mobile devices and streaming entertainment, it’s good to see that trees can still capture the imaginations of kids as objects of play. i can’t count the number of times that i climbed trees. or the number of times i subsequently fell out of them. i was sure that some do-gooder parent or park goer was going to come over and inform us that it was either dangerous or against the rules.

fortunately, that did not happen.

and i was able to get some pics of the grandkids in their natural state.

i think there is not quite enough play in the world; for kids and adults alike. there is surely enough sport, but not enough play. unstructured, free time to just muck about with things with no real purpose.

i kind of wish i had climbed that tree, too. looking at the world from somewhere in the middle of a tree just gives one a whole new perspective on things.

Published On: 2024 January 8

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