Quite often when truth is thought of, I think of something that is universal, a notion that cannot be transcended or successfully argued against, and which everyone accepts.  I do believe that this kind of truth exists, though we, as humans, probably aren’t capable of accepting it . . . if we ever find it.

Our boat is named with a word that represents the concept:  Emet.  I had “Truth” etched on the outside of my graduation ring in high school.  The idea of “truth” intrigued me from an early age.  I got to thinking about it the other day when I read http://www.windtraveler.net/2016/09/hello-from-other-sidemy-musings-on.html

Religions purport to espouse THE  Truth.  Each one stating that it and it alone knows and teaches The Truth.  People kill for it and in the name of it.  Justice is served because of it.  Revenge is exacted despite it.  Money is made in the commerce of it.

I think maybe, possibly, some times actions are taken or things said with the full intent that they are being done with the truth in mind, but the truth is misunderstood and/or distorted.  Then there are times when the truth is deliberately cloaked to perhaps spare hurt or anguish or misunderstanding.  Other times, the truth is flat out trampled on, destroyed, and subverted purposefully.  In the end, the result, in spite of the reason, is the same:  the truth is lost.

Honesty is probably a better word to describe what, I suppose, is the goal for most.  Of course, when one looks up the definition of honest, truthful is used.  More importantly is that honest means free of deceit . . . and that is the key.

Some might argue that is just semantics and yes it is.  But, if you have ever done any research into the different translations of the Bible, you’ll find that semantics, the actual meaning of a particular word, becomes VERY important.  Change the meaning of a single word ever so slightly and the whole context changes radically.  In fact, the whole book can take on a fundamentally different nature.

There is truth, a truth, but more importantly, we should be honest.  Because, as I see it, more often than not, we don’t actually know or have access to the actual truth, just our own limited understanding of it.

I’ll keep looking for it, however.



Published On: 2016 October 21

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