this photo↑ was taken by clara.       (she’s 3 years old. she was using the fujifilm x-t3. she requested that i swing and then jump out.)

so was this one ↑.

and this one ↑.

she likes to take hold of the camera and snap away. “me them picture them” or “me picture you.” picture is a verb/noun to her.

it should be pretty clear that any modern camera will take great pictures. she’s got action shots here that are in focus. all the kids have played with an older canon dslr and the quality of their pictures with it is hit and miss. if we all spend a day of shooting on the x-t3, i am sometimes hard pressed to remember who took which shots. the only clue is “who’s missing from the picture?”

it’s enjoyable watching them take pictures. they just go with it. if it looks interesting to them for any reason, they snap it. the captures are so unselfconscious. they are not necessarily interested in how it will make them look as a photographer, they are only interested in how the image looks. sometimes they’ll ask why a picture isn’t how they think it should be. most often an image is blurry. so i explain to them that they are moving the camera too fast while they press the shutter. well with the canon anyway. yes, there’s more to it, but that’s usually the crux of the problem.

clara was panning the camera to follow her intended subject in all those shots. yeah . . . the x-t3 focuses really well and newer cameras make the x-t3 look like the old canon in comparison. the brand new models released this year are just insanely stupid fast and reliable at focusing. it really removes all the skill required to capture a photograph. sure, one needs to still compose it, but that’s the only thing the shutter presser is doing. everything else is automatic.

the photos the kids get are things i sometimes would never even think of photographing. it’s entertaining to see their view of the world. as caroline has gotten older, her images are more crafted and conscious. the other two are still at the point and shoot stage.

a couple of the images below are ones that clara requested i get because her attempt to capture the image in her mind’s eye was not successful. for instance, she had tried to capture caroline jumping out the swing and was unsuccessful. she literally handed me the camera and asked me to get a picture of it. i did, showed it to her, and she said “nice.”

the following are all courtesy of yours truly.


Published On: 2022 November 3

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