A long time between posts.

I’ve tried to “find” my style for this blog.  Refit blog?  Travel blog? Something else?  We’ve done a  LOT of refitting, repairing, and upgrading of Emet in the past year.  I’ve learned a lot of things, but never quite got into the “refit” type blog posts.  We, of course, couldn’t really have a travel blog because we have yet to do any traveling.  A journal might have been the answer, but then what exactly do I journal about?  Needless to say, I never found my groove and never really felt that any post that was started was right.

I still have not “decided” on a style and probably won’t.  What I have found is that I like the thought of just chronicling events, emotions, and thoughts in this journey.

There we have it:  a heading.  Raise the main and start sailing . . .

Find your truth

Published On: 2015 July 2

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