Jodi and I are pescetarians.  I’m not a real fan of categorizing humans, but that’s a quick word to describe our dietary habits.  There is a whole host of reasons that we don’t eat the flesh of land and air based animals.  The health of everyone and everything involved sums it quite nicely without devolving into a political discussion.  We also consume very little fish and the fish that we do eat we do our best to ensure is responsibly and sustainably wild caught.

That said, sometimes we do miss certain dishes and/or meals that carnivorous humans consume on a regular basis.

For me, the thing I find myself missing and craving the most is sausage.  Grilled, succulent, juicy, savory, spicy, ground meat stuffed into a casing.  It has everything an active human needs.  Try to think about a perfectly grilled sausage without your mouth watering.  Not possible.  And they’re already packaged for you.  Never mind that the packaging is either a small intestine cleaned of feces or, even worse, plastic.  Sausage is down right deeelishish!  And there are so many different flavors and types.  Shoot, it even comes on a stick.  Cow, pig, deer, chicken, turkey, and I imagine even duck.  Sometimes, they even mix a whole bunch of ground animals together so that you have, for example, cow/pig/chicken sausage.  It can be grilled, fried, sautéed, smoked, cured, boiled, broiled, steamed, dried, seared, and/or roasted.  There is an endless and infinite variety.   Pepperoni on a pizza comes to mind instantly.

But, we refrain from eating it.  I don’t think fish sausage would be all that good.

I have noticed that I rarely, if ever, have indigestion since we no longer consume “meat”.  I suppose that is saying something all by itself.  And I believe science has shown that cooked meat is carcinogenic.  Well, so is plastic, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone.  Especially connoisseurs of sausage.

Since cured sausage is almost permanent (I think perfectly good sausage has been found in pharaohs’ tombs alongside honey), I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t stock up.  I mean, it would be prudent.  Then again, we can simply catch fresh fish . . . hopefully.  Which brings us back to having the sausage if we don’t catch anything.

I jest.  We most likely won’t have any.  And I’m probably doomed to hellfire for simply lusting after it.

Damn YOU delicious sausage.  Damn . . . you.

Published On: 2017 July 19


  1. Rachael Thornton 2017 July 19 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    Get this man a salmon patty or a crab cake! Something!!!

    • Clint 2017 July 20 at 8:11 am - Reply

      Crab cakes are pretty tasty, too.

  2. Jodi Williams 2017 July 19 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    I miss sausage too. Also, bacon. Every once in a great while, a little chicken or red meat. Fish it is, or beans and veggies. I liked this post immensely!

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