Hiking gear

Gear at the end of 1600 miles covered. Georgia to Massachusetts. Lots of changes along the way as I dialed things in and adapted. My base weight (everything on my back except food, water, and fuel) comes in between 12 and 13 pounds. Full pack weight is around 23 to 26 pounds (depending on food). Skin Out weight (this includes every single thing that my body has to carry) is in the area of 30 to 31 pounds.

Pack, Shelter, and Sleep System (Big 3)


Cook System

Water System

Clothing Worn

Clothing Packed

Other Gear

  • Trekking Poles | Leki Journey Lite
  • Food Bag | Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack 12 Liter (probably should have gone with the 20L or the Zpacks large food bag)
  • Pack liner | Generic trash compactor bag
  • Towel/Rag | PackTowl Nano
  • Cat Hole Shovel | The Prairie Dog (A lot of folks will have the Deuce of Spades. I thought the Prairie Dog was different. I like to be different.)
  • Water Scoop | bottom 2-3 inches of a generic crinkly water bottle (Sometimes a scoop is needed to get water from small puddles, shallow streams, etc. Just cut the bottom of a “pack of 12” water bottle and there you go. It crushes flat to pack easily.)
  • Dry Bags | 2 trash compactor bags (sleeping bag in one, packed clothes in the other), Ziploc bags as necessary.
  • Knife | Gerber Paraframe Mini
  • Bear Line | emma Kites UHMWPE (Dyneema) Braided Cord 50′ (100′ rolls. I have the other 50′ as “spare”. The rock bag is a random Kensington computer lock cable bag.)
Published On: 2022 January 11

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