We find truth in all sorts of places.  We first have to make sure we have positioned ourselves to be available to see it.

That’s what moving onto a sailboat was all about.  Truthful living and discovering truths about ourselves.  It has also come to be about changing ourselves and evolving to be true.  I find that is happening to Jodi and I.

I wrote a lot as a child and teenager.  I had at one point seriously considered being a journalist.  Though, even in the 90s, I wasn’t enamored with the idea of being someone’s mouthpiece, and that’s what I felt journalism was.  At least most of it and I sort of just let the idea die a slow death until the thought of writing professionally had been subsumed into the dark pathos of dead dreams.

I never really gave up on it and would dabble in writing on my computer, writing stuff privately, attempts at journaling and catharsis.  I even started a book which got killed when my hard drive “crashed”.  The tragedy of that was I was trying to back the goofy thing up.

So, we move onto Emet and I now have the time and energy to focus on living, or more aptly, coming alive.  I revive the dream of writing and sign up on one of those freelance websites.  Most of the offers that come along are just junk.  People looking for dribble that will “go viral” to drive traffic to their website.  Every now and then a real job would be posted and I would bid on it.  Ever tried to get experience without having any experience?  I don’t have a metaphor for it, but no one wants to hire someone without experience.  And you can’t get experience until someone hires you.  The classic catch 22.  I’m patient and I just keep watching and waiting, believing that the effort will pay off.

About 3 years later, this thought pops into my head.  And not a few hours later I see a wonderful job that is posted for a peace organization.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in them, so no.  I think on the job, see the other writers that are bidding and I let it go thinking that a global organization such as that will surely desire someone with lots of experience.

I guess it was about a month later I see the same job posted again.  OK, I’m being sent a message.  At least that was my thought.  I have no experience so how do you get someone’s attention when you have no real portfolio of which to speak?  You give them something displaying your ability.  It costs them nothing and they get to see your potential.  That’s exactly what I did:  https://fujideclaration.org/igniting-the-divine-spark-through-giving/

The principles of this organization align perfectly with what I believe humanity is destined to be.  So, it was easy.  I find that most often when I love something, true sacrificial love, what others perceive as “sacrifice”, I see as just being me.  In the end I get to do something I love, write, for an organization that espouses something that I love.

Never actually give up on your dreams.  Sometimes, the universe is just waiting until YOU are ready to actually fulfill them.

I think true peace is next.

Published On: 2017 February 22

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