The Internet:   a wonderful creation that has revolutionized society more than the radio and television . . . and sliced bread.

We can’t live without it.  Literally.  If the Internet were to suddenly end, the vast majority of Americans would cross eyes and fall over dead from an aneurysm.  And so it is that we embarked on getting Internet on Emet.  Fast, easy, and low to no cost were the criteria.  We looked at mobile plans, the possibility of getting a wired connection, satellite, wifi, and horrors of horrors, doing without.  The last option almost resulted in a mutiny by Jodi.  We looked at multiple wifi extenders and decided on the WirieAP.  Surely, we surmised, it will be able to pick up some type of free signal that will allow us access to the Internet.  Au contraire. It certainly picks up signals form yonder, but, alas, none of them are “free”. Unsecured, yes.  Free, no.   As luck would have it, the wonderful and awesome corporation known as Comcast has Xfinity wifi in the area.  It’s for their business class clients only.  You don’t own your own business and have a long term contract with Comast for business class Internet?  Oh, sorry, you are denied.  Well, we are still “fortunate” enough to be locked into a contract through the business, so we have it.

The Wirie itself was super simple to set up and configure.  The quick start guide that was included was simple and spot on.  We’ve used it occasionally and it’s working like a champ.  Now, to find that elusive free Internet.

Published On: 2014 December 4

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