Jodi and I watch Frasier at nights.  Yes, we’ve literally seen ALL the episodes, but we watch them again anyway.

On last night’s episode Niles was reminded that he donated to an “S” bank when he was younger.  He and Daphne are trying to get pregnant and he wants to know if there is a “little Niles” out there running around.  So, he heads down to the “S” bank to inquire about the status of his deposit.

All the baby talk got Jodi baby talking.  I reminded her that I was not a viable candidate for a deposit.

“We could just get that reversed,” she said.

“Ummm…they guarantee a reversal, they do not guarantee fertility,” I responded.  “And we can’t afford an adoption, plus you live on a sailboat, and we don’t make enough money to qualify anyway.  So, you’re only hope of having another child is to have one yourself and unless you are going to find a donor, you’re out of luck.”

I was proud that I had pretty much put the kibosh on that idea.

Then this morning, we were sitting eating our oatmeal and drinking out coffee.

Jodi says, “I was looking on (insert name of online “S” bank depositor match service, kind of like e-harmony, but for “S” donors and those looking to find a match) and you know what?”

Me, shell-shocked with mouth agape, “Uuuhh…no, what?”

“All Caucasian, blonde, green-eyed guys on that site are doctors or lawyers,” she said.

“We are all geniuses.  But, are you saying that I haven’t lived up to my potential?”

“No, just that I found it odd that they are all professionals.  And they have ones with straight and wavy hair.”

“What the heck were you even doing looking on there?”

“I don’t know, just checking to see what was available.”

I simply finished eating my oatmeal and drinking my coffee.


Published On: 2018 March 7

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