We will be moving marinas this Saturday.  We have enjoyed staying in the current marina, Blue Dolphin Yachting Center, but it’s 8 to 9 hours to the Gulf and sailing in the bay just isn’t all that interesting.  It’s quite shallow in a whole lot of places and it pretty much limits your choices of where to sail.  And that’s not even mentioning all the oilfield detritus that is scattered around the bay some visible, some not.  Plus, we are right next to a major highway and The Boardwalk which, once we think about it, is actually quite noisy.

The “new” marina will be a few of hours to the Gulf and it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere and that means quiet . . . hopefully.  It has more amenities, which also means that we can eliminate some of the expenses that we are currently paying.  The new marina is Harborwalk in Hitchcock, TX.

It’s right off the ICW in Galveston’s West Bay.  The only worry I have is that the water depth at the entrance may be just a wee too shallow.  This was one of the reasons why I was so concerned about getting a depth sensor working pronto.  It most likely won’t be an issue because the low water depth of 5’6″ is when a north wind has been blowing for a day or more or so I’ve been told.  We’ll just do as one of the guys here on our current dock says, “Slow is pro.”  On the positive side, the “ground” at the bottom of the water is really super soft silty mud.

Here’s to new places.

Published On: 2016 August 5

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