Every time I open up The Long Way, I find something that strikes a cord with me on that day.  I have the book tagged with numerous little stickies pointing to gems that I once found and do not want to lose.

I do not know how to explain to them my need to be at peace, to continue toward the Pacific.  They will not understand.  I know I am right, I feel it deeply.  I know exactly where I am going, even if I do not know.  How could they understand that?  Yet it is so simple.  But it can’t be explained in words, it would be completely useless to try.

I recognize this sentiment perfectly.  I have tried to explain my choice to my family.  They do not get it.

My indigestion and the knots in my neck and shoulders have returned.  I have not figured out if I give them to myself or they are given to me.  I think it’s a combination of the two.  What I do know is that this ridiculously simpleton job is a major factor.  Why do I allow other people to create such turmoil inside me?  This “Christian” organization is anything but.  I find that the case most times.  People hide behind the name of Jesus to cover a multitude of sins.  It’s quite stressful for me, this money chase in the name of Jesus, when chasing money is the thing that Jesus preaches the most against.

I wonder if there is a place in this world where money has no power, has no sway, has no use.  In my head only I suppose . . . and maybe some others’.  What if we could all, some of us, get together and create a place?  I am sure that we would be destroyed eventually, if not by ourselves (e.g., Lord of the Flies) then surely by the rest of the world that would not want to see us succeed.

Published On: 2016 September 25

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