Do you remember many years ago when those rubber bracelets came out with “WWJD?” on them?  I thought the idea novel in that it would be interesting if we all asked ourselves “What would Jesus do?”, but the very fact of the bracelet was that it was a fashion fad.  The substance, foundation, behind it was not firm and it disappeared as fast as parachute pants.

A wonderful sentiment not rooted in true sincerity never lasts.

The cynic in me chalked it up to another money making scheme on the back of someone, that, by biblical accounts, was already carrying the weight of all humanity plus a tree on his back.

Once the bracelets disappeared, so did my thoughts about them.

I continued my epistemological search for truth, however.

Discovering “What would Jesus do?”

One day, Jodi and I were at a branch of the Harris County Public Library.  It  has a little bookstore that benefits the library.  We dropped in just to see what they had.  I was drawn to the religion section and there it was:  a book with “What would Jesus do?” right there on the spine.  Flashes of yellow bracelets flew from my memory.  I kind of rolled my eyes, half expecting prosperity gospel to be espoused.  But, I picked up the book anyway.  I learned a long time ago that even if I have a belief about something, it’s best to go ahead and investigate because it’s a 50/50 chance that I will be wrong.

I started reading and couldn’t put it down.  We paid the $1 for the little book and took it home.

It is a book (fictional, but that doesn’t really change the message) about a group of Christian church-going people that make the decision to live their lives with the question of “What would Jesus do?” right at the forefront.  Every single decision this group of people makes in their lives has at its heart the life and example of Jesus.

You can find the original version here:  In His Steps (What would Jesus do?)

The version that I read was updated and revised by the original author’s grandson.  But, the central theme is the same.


If you are interested in impacting your life in a positive way, I recommend that you read the book, especially in today’s political, economic, and religious environment.

I think the world is in serious need of some of the philosophy and thought of Jesus.  And I don’t mean the kind where one says “I accept Jesus and want to live forever in Heaven,” and then go about their normal everyday life with no change because one is “not perfect, but forgiven”.  People need to emulate Jesus:  the man that healed the severed ear of one of the soldiers that came to arrest him and then went to the cross to die for humanity.  As the story goes.

There’s a lesson in that.  As there’s supposed to be.


So, when you have a decision to make, any and every decision, ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”  It’s not an easy task.  It’s not supposed to be. I believe the reason for that is to test your heart, to find out what your true motive is.  You will probably learn a lot about yourself.  From there you can decide if you are who you want to be or you need to make some changes.



Published On: 2018 November 14

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