I get my weather forecast through a program called zyGrib.  I had downloaded the GRIB file yesterday and looked at the forecast.  I told Jodi that there was a low pressure system out in the Gulf and that it looked like we would be getting some rain toward the end of the week.

Here’s the GRIB downloaded on Monday with the Tuesday forecast.

Nothing major.  35 knots of wind and some rain in the Gulf.

Caroline and Carter stayed over and they all came to the school to pick me up from work.  On the way home we stopped for a bite to eat and Jodi said something about Hurricane Burt in the Gulf.

“A hurricane in the Gulf?” I asked.

“Or something.  I don’t know.  I just made it up,” she replied.

“There’s a low pressure system.  But that’s all I knew there was,” I added.

Well, we had some friends worried about us so I checked the weather on my phone to see if I missed something.  A tropical storm was forecast and its name was Cindy.  The low pressure system I saw.

Here’s the GRIB downloaded this evening showing the forecast for 2100.

From the same GRIB, here’s the forecast for Thursday when it makes landfall.

10 knots of wind and some rain.

We’ve sailed in 30+ knots on multiple occasions in the bay.  We had waves breaking over the bow of the boat and spray crashing into the cockpit while we rushed along at 7+ knots.  Emet really finds her groove when the wind gets over 20 knots.

We stopped at Kroger to get some milk, cereal, and ice cream bars for the kiddos.  Caroline LOVES ice cream bars.  We sit in the parking lot and eat them because they’ll be melted by the time we get back to the boat and the freezer in the ice box doesn’t keep ice cream very well.  Anyway, the parking lot was packed as was the store.  And everyone left with packs of water.  Jodi and I kind of laughed.  We pretty much live in survival mode all the time.  We keep our water tanks topped off and we have probably 2 or 3 weeks worth of dry goods stored.  Plus with rain, we can collect water if necessary.  I remember as a kid when a storm was coming we filled up the bathtubs and all available jugs and pots with water.  Now people got out and buy the stuff.  Take your Yeti cooler and fill it up, you nut.

We have a blue water sailboat that was designed to sail in exactly this kind of weather.  But, we’re tied to a dock.

Basically, we’ll be OK.

It’s just a storm.


Published On: 2017 June 20

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