We usually have a lot of sunsets like this.  Believe it or not, it takes probably 30 minutes to grab the camera, run out, frame and expose my shot, take it, then post process it.

Quite often, we’re in the middle of dinner when shots like this occur or we’ve just finished eating and I’m “too tired”.  Part of moving onto the boat was to simplify and get back to those things that gave me the most pleasure and that I felt, in their own way, created some value in this world.

I saw this last night and decided I needed to get off my 4$$.

I have a SmugMug account, which I pay for and rarely use, but I will start uploading full size images there.  The blog is OK for pics, but my server and bandwidth allowances don’t really accommodate large file uploads and downloads.  From SmugMug, or here even, please feel free to download, share, print, copy, distribute, use them as a desktop, or incorporate in a screensaver, whatever without any cost to you.  I do not believe in copyright.  I respect everyone’s legal authority to protect their intellectual property, but I suppose I see things a little differently and feel no need to protect mine.  I leave it to the Golden Rule.

Thoughts on any pics that you see, be sure to comment.  Suggestions are always welcome.  The SmugMug is kind of a work in development, just like the blog, so navigational changes and themes may change as ideas change.

Hopefully, I can capture and share the beauty that I see in nature.

Published On: 2018 April 11

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