Not too long ago I was asked why I don’t want to be successful.

Without pause, I said, “I am successful.”

A conversation ensued and it was clear that “success” meant material affluence.  And again, I reiterated that I was successful.  The conversation got lost, in the end, because we were at an impasse on what we defined as success.

Then today, I was doing some consulting work, and I was told, “You could do anything you want.  You could be really successful.”

Let me say it again. I.  AM.  SUCCESSFUL.  It’s like talking to a forest of trees.

The word success.  It can mean the accomplishment of a goal.  Or it could mean attainment of material prosperity.  Which, itself, might be the goal.

It almost most certainly always means attainment of material prosperity.

I have to laugh.  I understand the dismay in people’s minds about the situation of my choices.  I truly do.  But, my success is defined by me.  I have chosen to not have it defined by anyone else.

I’m the fisherman looking at the MBA, “Success.  And then what?”




Published On: 2019 January 6

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