You’re watching the screen, reading the text as it slowly scrolls by.  The hook is set, you are truly enthralled, anticipating the zenith.

The screen slowly starts to fade out.

And . . . (no this isn’t a movie)

that stupid window appears imploring you to sign up to be pestered through your email.

It appears that either the entire Internet is using the same web design guru or ALL the designers/programmers went to the SAME school, because it is now standard operating procedure for a web page to allow you to view the page for a few moments before it obnoxiously puts a window right in the middle of everything wanting you to subscribe.

News flash programmers:  if I want to subscribe, I’ll look for the subscribe button/box/link.  Hint:  put it someplace easily seen, but unobtrusive.  Make it elegant.

Truthfully, if your subscribe invitation is that annoying, there is NO way I’m giving you my email so that you can pester me forever.

Published On: 2016 August 12

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