One of these days I’ll post something about a sailboat.

It’s amazing how disconcerted most people get when I expose the choice of lifestyle that I have made.  It’s almost as if I have somehow caused them physical discomfort.  As though, through my choice, they will be forced to abandon their own material possessions, comfort, safety, security, and luxury.  I do, however, see their point and understand their apprehension.  One person’s choices can, and most likely do, have an impact on other people.

My choices are about freedoms.  Freedom of body.  Freedom of spirit.  Freedom of thought.  Freedom of economy.  I can only presume, through the questions that they ask me, that this also scares people.

Q:  “What are you going to do about pirates?!”
A:  “The exact same thing that you would do about a car jacker.”

Q:  “You are NOT going to carry a gun?!”
A:  “Correct.  We are not.”

Q:  “So, you are a pacifist?!”
A:  “If that’s the label you would like to assign me, then I guess by your definition, I am.”

Q:  “What are you going to do about a rogue wave?!”
A:  “The exact same thing you would do about a tornado.”

Q:  “You are going to collect rainwater to drink?!”
A:  “Where do you think the water you drink comes from?”

Q:  “All you are going to eat is fish?!”
A:  “No.  We will eat other foods just as you do.”

Q:  “How are you going to live in such a small space?!”
A:  “The same way you live in such a large space.”

Q:  “How are you going to see at night without any lights?!”
A:  “We have power through the boat which comes from a battery bank which will be charged with wind and solar.”

Q:  “So, you are a tree hugger?!”
A:  “I care about the environment, yes.”

I tolerate this for a while and then I finally just give up.  I realize and accept that the questions that I get asked are not out of true curiosity, a desire to learn, or faithful concern and will not become sincere as the conversation progresses.  They are rooted in sarcasm and the desire to humiliate as those around laugh and snicker when the questions get asked.

I once wrote to myself:  “It’s easy to do the right thing.  What’s difficult is putting up with others for doing it.”  Amen.

Published On: 2014 December 29

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