Well, I wouldn’t say that we are in it currently, but then again, paradise really simply exists in our own minds.

My idea is the quintessential pic of a white sand beach, palm trees, and azure water with fresh fish grilling on an open fire.  But, that’s just the physical place.  It wouldn’t be paradise without the people that I love enjoying it with me.

And that might not be their idea of paradise.  It could be hell for them.  Thus, we find ourselves stuck in limbo.  Not quite wanting to be here and not quite being able to cast off.  I could force the issue and leave, but something wouldn’t feel right about that.  I trust that it will all work out in the end.

So, I keep slowly hacking away at the project list on Emet.  Gradually fixing things and trying to make small improvements here and there so that when the day comes, we are “ready” to go.  Truth be told, Emet is pretty much ready to go right now.  The things that I’m working on now could be worked on anywhere.  There are a few major purchases that still need to be made:  dinghy outboard, self-steering system, third battery for the house bank, but again, all things that MANY sailors have crossed oceans without.  And we aren’t attempting an ocean crossing right now.  Someday . . . possibly.  But, not in the near future.

I really and truly right at this moment just want to be away from the Texas/LA/Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The water is atrocious.  The air is quite often noxious.  The traffic is just a joke.  The people in this area are some of the sourest I’ve come in contact with.  I chalk that up to chemical induced emotional irritation. Or the traffic.  Of course I sit writing this in a boat that is built from plastic right across the highway from Kemah, the cause of much of the traffic, on a computer that was built using numerous toxic processes and chemicals.  I suppose that makes me the hypocrite.

I can’t justify that, but I can say that we have done our best to limit our impact on our environment.  All in an attempt to not spoil our future paradise.

Even if it only ever resides in our minds.


Published On: 2016 April 22

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