All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.  –Galileo Galilei

We surround ourselves with technology.  We marvel at it.  We believe in it.  We trust it.  We bow to it.  We depend on it.  Yet its algorithms pale in comparison to the programming in the natural world.  And surprisingly, or not, we use the inferior algorithms with their very limited and finite data sets to make feeble attempts to bend, manipulate, control, and change the superior algorithms that run on unlimited and infinite data sets as if we have even the most infinitesimal understanding of any of it.  And then, when we find that we indeed have no control over any of it, we deny it; we deny it all.  We deny that we have the power to affect the universe.  We deny that our actions have consequences.  We deny that we are part of the programming and when we take steps to change the programming, our actions become magnified because we are not simply interacting but interfering with it all.  But, maybe that’s the significance.  Maybe interaction and interference are the same thing.  We are part of the larger algorithm and it has already accounted for us.  It’s just “waiting” for us to account for ourselves.

Published On: 2015 November 24

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