I’m starting my Lone Star Hiking Trail thru-hike.  It’s approximately 100 miles, give or take.  I had planned on starting in Cleveland and going to Conroe, but events and schedules being what they are, I will now start in Conroe and hike to Cleveland. It also makes Jodi’s life much easier.  I’m targeting a completion in 5.5 to 6 days.


We went and bought supplies/food for the hike.  Total food and consumables was around $30.

Lone Star Hiking Trail Thru-hike Food Supply

Lone Star Hiking Trail Thru-hike Food Supply

When I look at that lot of food, I can not fathom having to consume it all.  It weighs a total of 8 pounds.  Each day has around 2100 to 2200 calories.  The little equate bottle is olive oil to add to the soups and couscous.  If it starts anything like my sailing trip, I’ll eat a subsistence amount for the first few days as my appetite will just not be there.  Then, as my body recognizes that it is in an energy deficit, I will start eating again.  I ate very little on my overnight hike on the LSHT.  We’ll see how it goes.

Gear List

Lone Star Hiking Trail Gear List

Lone Star Hiking Trail Thru-Hike Gear List

This is what’s in my pack.  I just didn’t have the space on the boat to spread everything out to take a pic of it all. I realize that my phone is not on the list, but I have it.  The camera gear was pared down to just the body, a single lens, the tripod, and 2 spare batteries.  That shaved about 3 pounds off the total weight and simplified things quite a bit.  It all still weighs 4 pounds.  The camera actually hangs off my neck pretty much the whole time.  Consequently about 2 pounds is not in my pack.  Funnily, I put my pack on last night and adjusted it. It actually felt better than what I remember on my section hike.  One thing that is different is that the aluminum  stay was apparently NOT in the sleeve during the section hike.  Call that user error.  It was not a ULA Equipment error.  I did pull it partially out when I received the pack.  It was, you know, just to inspect. I now realize that I did not put the security flap over it before closing the velcro strap.  This caused it to slide up in the pack. Lesson learned.

I’m pretty excited and nervous all that the same time.  I’m actually more nervous about this than sailing 1300 miles across, essentially, an ocean to a foreign country.  Weird, I know.


Published On: 2018 June 29

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