I put in my resignation at my job last week.  My last day will be July 21.  A true adventure is never had with a full bank account.

We’ll have enough and I have writing, photography, and my varied skills in yacht maintenance to provide what we need.

When Jodi and I went to Costa Rica for a wedding (THANKS Goot!!) we had such a memorable time.  From the packed bus ride to the ferry, to missing it, to having a “hamburger” with a slice of pressed/formed ham on it, to the open air buffet where squirrels and birds helped themselves to fresh fruit despite the netting, to catching a puddle jumper where you AND your luggage were weighed to prevent overloading the 6 seat plane . . . it was all so peaceful and wonderful.  And what made it so wonderful was that none of it was perfect.  How boring and cliché!  Who wants perfection?

I did at one time.  I thought it was the highest ideal.  I now find it tedious.

The most wonderful times are those spontaneous moments where laughter erupts from innocent blunders.  Or when all hell breaks loose for an instant and you somehow find peace in all the chaos.  Or when you find yourself in a place that you never imagined you could get to.

The moment has come for us to hoist the sails and see where the wind will take us.