another year behind us. some many forgotten moments. feels like all the rest. and at the same time it doesn’t.

years ago, i went for about 2 or 3 years without ever listening to, watching, or reading any news. i’ll admit, it was an extreme shock when i got back into it. ignorance truly is bliss. most news is just garbage. it’s almost all decomposing, putrid, abhorrent garbage. some of the investigative reports are not so bad. those aren’t really news so much as long form reporting. i read a blog post from someone the other day about how society is entering a “post truth” era. meaning that people take sides instead of following truth. i don’t think that’s it. i think people have been and are lied to so much and so often, it’s near impossible to get the actual truth or even something that resembles it. so, in the absence of solid information on which to make decisions, people just pick a side and stick with it. it’s really difficult to engage in critical thinking when all the facts are indeed not factual.

i’m going to wean myself off it again.

i’ve been trying to add a little more information on the website. what a task. if it were only as simple as adding the information. often it is. but, sometimes when i would like that information formatted or presented differently, it becomes a real conundrum. i added a new feature: daily pic. the idea is that i will take a pic a day and upload it. well, the caption font in the lightbox (what opens when the image is clicked) was black. i wanted to change it. the lightbox plugin had zero options for changing that. it meant that i had to try to dig through the lines of actual code and find it. i did . . . eventually. it took well over three hours. to change a font color.

i think it’s time to get some business cards printed up for my photography business. when i’m out and about shooting, i get asked often if i have one. i have to resort to writing contact information on a piece of paper.

looks like crypto currency really is a scam. i think a whole lot of us knew it. i feel sorry for some of the people that lost real assets and at the same time i don’t. just take a step back and look at what it all is. it’s really no different than any other fiat money. some person makes up money and sells it to people for an actual accepted medium of exchange like usd, euros, or gold. i could make up weslycoin and go sell it to people. “here, give me some gold and i’ll give you 0.01 weslycoin.” really? i know it’s really more complicated than that and at the same time it’s kinda not.

i have an itch to go hiking again. i loved the colorado trail. i would do it again. and i learned some things, so it would be that much better. but, there are other trails to do.

i need to find one.

i went to levy park this evening on a walk. i have never seen so many people there. and so many different people. different kinds of people. and they were all getting along.

who would have thunk it if you listen to the news?

Published On: 2023 January 2

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