Looking for something to give you some direction on which trail to hike?  Well, here you go.

I did this quiz a few times.  Because, well, you know, some days I feel like a nut and some days I don’t.  My answer to all of those questions depends.

I’ve started purchasing gear for this.  No turning back now.  Plus, I figure I better get this done before the trails disappear in an urban environment.

It’s on my mind constantly.

And on a funny marina note, when we were first at Blue Dolphin, almost on a daily basis someone would drop by the boat and yell “Clint, Clint!”  They usually had a question, wanted some help, or just wanted to talk.

When we were at Harborwalk, it never happened not ONE . . . SINGLE . . . TIME.

We get back to Blue Dolphin and within 3 weeks, it’s already happened.  Last night around 8:30 or so we heard someone yelling for me.

“What the hell is going on?” I thought.  I had grown unaccustomed to this from our time at Harborwalk.

I peek my head out the companionway and one of the guys from the dock is standing there.  I helped him keep one of his sailboats from sinking last time we were here.  Literally.  His sailboat sprung a leak and was taking on water and sinking.

“You busy?” he asks.

“Well, I’m finishing up putting this fiddle rail back on the countertop,” I say.

“Oh good, then you can come help me flake my sail on the boom.”

I smile, “Yeah, give me a minute and let me set this clamp to hold the rail in place.”

“OK.  I’ll meet you over at my boat.”

And so, I spend 30 minutes listening to him tell me about his adventures that day taking his sailboat out while I help him flake his sail.

I will miss the sailing camaraderie that just naturally occurs because of sailboats.  But, I can only imagine that the same thing will happen while hiking.

Published On: 2018 March 27

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