As I sit here, I’m anticipating casting off the dock lines and sailing off into the deep blue yonder.  I do not know what awaits me other than the ocean.  And for me, that is enough. At least right now.  My greatest fear is that at some point it won’t be.

I will most probably miss many things from land, but they will soon fade into memory as so much noise.  What I will miss most is my grandchildren.  They are still being melded and formed and it is exciting to be a hand in it and watch it.  Hopefully, I will be able to take them on many adventures.  I wish I had not been so concerned about “providing” for my children and just been with them and enjoyed our time.

As I look for places to venture, I find that the world is growing smaller every day. The smallness is accelerating. I have only to look at so many small island nations that are pining to participate in the “wealth” of the world. They go into debt to finance worldly marinas to attract wealthy visitors and the very beauty that was once their asset becomes tarnished, less beautiful, and a commodity they can sell on the open market. I hope I am not too late.

We now have the capability of leveling entire mountains.  I wonder if we will ever have the capability of taming the ocean.  To take all the wonder, power, peace, and awe and at once remove them turning the ocean into a docile slave of humanity.  We will be told it’s for our own good.  That they are doing it to protect the economy.  That countless lives will be saved.  I pray that I do not live to see the day that the ocean lies still at the feet of mankind.

Published On: 2016 October 27

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