Life is always in motion. An infinite series of comings and goings.  Some are permanent.  Some are temporary.  Some are . . . somewhere in between.

I seem to have the most problems with those in between.

I saw someone leave today that came into my life a little over a year ago.  Living on a boat in a small marina, you develop close relationships with people, if nothing else, because you live in very close proximity to them.  I had no distinct emotion when thinking about their upcoming departure.  It was not until their boat was underway and I was walking along the dock following them and reached the end of my ability to follow that their leaving struck me.  My life had just changed.

No doubt I will see them again, but the emotion that stirred in me by their setting sail was unexpected.

Lots of thoughts about that.  Lessons to be learned?  I am sure.



Published On: 2015 November 2

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