I had put together a fan to replace our dead and dying Caframos and had also purchased a “bigger” version of the same fan.

I finally got around to wiring up the Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM.  It pushes a tremendous amount of air for its size, but it’s quite loud.  Not unbearingly loud, but loud enough that our 3 year old granddaughter said, “Turn it off.  It’s loud.”  One of our dogs also runs into the cockpit whenever it gets turned on.  I could build some type of control circuit that would allow me to vary its speed and that would make it quieter, but I haven’t really found a good schematic for a miniature PWM control board that could be neatly attached to the fan.

I also modified some of my GoPro attachments so that I could mount it on the Panavise that came with my GoPro camera.  The Panavise is far superior to the suction cup that comes with the Caframo 742 and it provides a wide range of articulation.

I suppose that “when” we cast off the dock lines and make it to some sweltering tropical locale, the PPC-3000 will come in handy.  But, right now, it probably won’t get used much . . . unless the frequency of the thing is also magically a mosquito deterrent as well.

UPDATE:  I moved this fan to the V-berth before publishing this post and it’s been there for the past 2 weeks working without a care and it’s not really a bother at night while sleeping.

Published On: 2016 September 10

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