The past couple of weeks, it seems, have been less than stellar climate and atmosphere wise.  We haven’t had a beautiful morning in a while.  It has been miserably hot for starters.  On top of that, the sky has just been grey.  Even on days that were clear and cloudless, it was grey. One morning, for example, was perfectly cloud free.  As the sun rose, instead of being red and orange and yellow, it was white.  White and a perfectly round circle with no flaring.  I could stare directly at it with no ill after effects.  I suppose it was just hazy pollution in the air.  But, it’s been grey hazy pollution sky for 2 weeks now it seems.

I woke up early this morning, made coffee, and fiddle-farted around for over an hour.  Mostly trying to figure out why Dashboard in macOS High Sierra wouldn’t open on a three-fingered swipe left, which it did on previous versions.  (Answer:  Apple eliminated THAT gesture and provided only 2 other options for opening Dashboard with gestures.) I normally take the dogs for a walk around 0700. Yesterday was miserably hot and muggy with zero wind at 0700 in the morning.

I gathered up the dogs and crawled over the window unit in the companionway and into the cockpit.  I fully expected to be hit by a wall of rancidly hot humidity.  It was surprisingly crisp and clear this morning.  And cool.  Relatively speaking.  It was actually nice being outside for a change.  The sky was blue.  The sun was red and orange.  There was a very slight breeze from the northeast.  There was no swamp stink from the wetland area in marina.

I suppose, maybe, you must have the hot, stinky mornings to fully enjoy the beautiful mornings.  But, I think I could thoroughly appreciate a whole metric ton of beautiful mornings without the bad ones.

Published On: 2018 July 25

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