Boy do I have some learning to do when it comes to this video stuff.

First, there’s the actual filming part.  I still need to figure that function of my camera out.  Seems simple enough.  But, then again, so does photography.  It’s hard to make sure the camera is focused, framed, and exposed correctly when the lens is pointing at YOU.

Second, the video out of neither my iPhone nor my Canon DSLR (both with .MOV extensions) could be imported into iMovie directly.  So, I had to run them through Quicktime and convert them.  They still ended with .MOV extensions, but I guess that Quicktime did something to the actual files inside the .MOV container that allowed them to be edited.

Third, video is EXPENSIVE.  And by that I mean, it takes a ginormous amount of digital storage.

With all my inexperience, the sad, sad result is what you see and I guess there’s a lot of loss going on.  The video straight off the SD card, and even in iMovie itself, looks better than what was uploaded to YouTube.  That is with the exception of the iPhone footage.  My iPhone 4 just doesn’t capture great vide or photos.

I attempted to do this on numerous previous occasions on other topics and always trashed the project for these very reasons.

I told Jodi, “Man, the video quality 5uc&5!”

She said, “Then why did you upload it.”

Well, because I have to start somewhere and the only way to get better is to go through the whole process.  Kind of like practicing at this hiking thing.

Just don’t watch it full screen and it won’t be too bad.

Lone Star Hiking Trail

Published On: 2018 July 12

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