I was toying with the idea of either getting rid of this blog altogether or migrating it over to my wordpress.com account.

We no longer have the sailboat and the blog domain (emet.us) just felt . . . lost.

I looked into migrating it over to wordpress.com, but there are size limits and I would eventually wind up paying for a “free” blog.

I then kind of entered a state of limbo wondering if I should just delete the thing. I hated to lose all the work I had put into it. The idea of getting a new domain was kicked around in my head, but I’m not a professional web guy and the work to change domains seemed like it would be a pain. My desired domain was available, so that wouldn’t be a problem, but I was sure there would be other issues.

I started my Appalachian Trail thru-hike and figured I’d deal with it when I was done.

Some tendonitis temporarily sidelined my hike and the fact that emet.us was up for renewal in less than 2 months forced a decision on what to do.

I bit the bullet and purchased a new domain. They’re cheap. I could play around with things to get it working or pony up $99 to have my hosting company do it for me. While playing around, emet.us would still be live.

I use Dreamhost for my web hosting and they’ve been pretty good. They had a “How to move WordPress to a different domain” instruction page. Looked simple enough, sure.

It wasn’t.

It never is.

They left out LOTS of steps. I had to edit the SQL query that was generated to migrate the database. I had to manually change table values in the database. I had to edit files manually on the SFTP server. I had to work out DNS issues. I had to set up redirects manually. If you asked me how I got it working, I’d honestly tell you ” I’m not sure. I just figured it out.”

Kind of like life.

In the end, I would like to welcome you to the new home for my blog: clintwesly.com.  If you find any issues, let me know.

Published On: 2019 July 21

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