You know how you always have an image of things in your mind’s eye.  Well, it was no different when I was looking for a sailboat.

I had the image of a clean, elegant, gleaming, and polished yacht in mind.  Of course, we didn’t have the money for that and to try to outfit a boat for cruising.  But, the image was there at any rate.

When we were selling our house, we fixed it up and it was, in essence, Jodi’s dream house at that point.

Now, we are selling Emet, and guess what?  We will pretty much be fixing her up so that she’s my dream boat.  I spent the better part of this past weekend varnishing the wood.  What a monumental task!!  I don’t really have the resources to get it crystal clear and smooth.  Ever tried to varnish with a stiff wind and with all your hatches open? She’s looking 1000% better, however.  I plan on doing the entire interior and the toerails.  Not sure if we’ll have the resources to get her hauled out and have new gelcoat all over.  I’ll certainly polish up the sides, though.

I’ll probably remove the lifeline netting, replace the four stanchions that we have with taller ones, and then get rid of the dinghy davits and that stuff.

Let’s face it, sexy sells better than utilitarian.  I’ll maybe even make some of those awesome black fender covers.

She won’t look like 007’s yacht, but wouldn’t it be pretty awesome if she did!  I did NOT, however, ever want teak decks.  Beautiful, but tons of work and good heavens they get scorching hot in the tropical heat.

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I’ll take some pics of our new brightwork and get them posted in the next day or so.  We’ve run out of Internet on our Hotspot and Blue Dolphin doesn’t have public WiFi so it’s rather inconvenient at this point to get on the Internet.

Published On: 2018 April 2


  1. Willie Babb 2018 April 10 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    Nice boat and as for me I’m not at all familiar enough to make a voyage of any kind , but as I do have the will to do just that.
    I live close to New Orleans and if I purchase I would need a delivery and would hope to have a crash course in route to said destination.
    If you think you could do this your boat may we’ll be more inticing

    • Clint Williams 2018 April 10 at 9:06 pm - Reply

      Hey Willie, just so we are BOTH clear, that’s a picture of my dream boat and NOT the one for sale. ;-) Though, you could also always pony up money to make her look like that.

      If you decide our Bristol 40 is the boat for you, I see no reason why I could not assist you in getting her to the New Orleans area. Understand that we were headed to Gulfport, MS (pretty much the same area as NOLA) and it probably would have taken about 7 days to sail there. We never made it as we turned around. Also, first rule of sailing is NEVER have a schedule. You are at the mercy of the weather and ocean. Some days the winds are favorable, some days they are not.

      I would suggest getting an autopilot installed to make the trip a little easier. But, with two people, it’s definitely doable without one. I made it half way there and back essentially solo without an autopilot, but it was tough.


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