It’s been wet, cold, dreary, drizzly, and borderline miserable outside the last several days.  Even the Internet was depressed and not working.  I walked the dogs this morning. The dock was still wet. It was cold. The sun wasn’t quite high enough yet to reach the dock. As I walked out from under the pavilion and into the grass, the rays touched my face. Though it was chilly, the warmth and energy immediately removed the cold I was feeling. The sky was completely cloudless. On the west horizon were colors of red, orange, purple, and blue. On the east was the sun, glowing brightly and beautifully; an old friend that I hadn’t seen in ages.

I can see how ancient peoples worshiped the sun. It is unfailing, warmth, energy, beauty, and life.

It’s going to be a beautiful 70 degree day in December.  I imagine this is what the tropics will be like.  I can’t wait.

Published On: 2016 December 6

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