I will never get tired of seeing sights such as this.  There are so many beautiful things in nature.  Even though I see a sunset every night and a sunrise every morning, they are all different.  The colors, the sounds, the atmosphere . . .  every day the same and simultaneously unique.  I do love living on the water because of the stunning sights.

We used to visit Destin, FL every summer for our family vacation.  Beautiful white sand, crystal clear water, wonderful sunsets.  The place began to be too crowded and commercialized, but it happened right about the time that our kids grew up and went off, so we kind of “got out” just when it was, in my opinion, getting bad.

That’s the problem with paradise, once people realize it’s there, they flock to it and turn it into the thing that they were going to paradise to get away from.

I hope there are still places relatively untouched by humans that I can visit.  Nothing evokes awe in me more than seeing nature in all her glory.

Published On: 2016 November 19

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