Jodi’s New Plan

In previous posts I’ve sort of hinted that Jodi has come up with a new plan once our sailboat is sold.

A Sad Goodbye

Just thinking of actually turning the title and keys over to someone else makes me melancholy.  Though, we really haven’t been through a whole heck of a lot together (the boat and us) we’ve been through enough.  I’ve poured hundreds and hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, tears, smiles, and all kinds of other emotions into her.  She feels like part of the family and I’ve no doubt that she would have taken very, very good care of us had we actually crossed any ocean.  She’s not “modern flashy” by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s built like a tank and we’ve put her to the test on more than a few occasions and she came through with flying colors.

*sniffle*  *sniffle*

An Outback Tangent to the New Plan

Back to Jodi’s new plan.  You just saw it . . . well, not exactly it, but a representative of it.  A small travel/camper trailer.  And it probably now makes sense why we purchased an Outback.  We need something to pull the little beast.  Of course, that will be our 5th Subaru.  We are a fan of the older Subarus.

And on the subject of the Outback, I installed that new alternator yesterday in less than 20 minutes and it is working fine so far.  So, thanks to that dude on the Outback forum with over 21,000 posts that also owned an H6 3.0 that said if he had to replace HIS alternator, that one from DB Electrical is the one he would get.

Now, the New Plan

The new plan is to travel the United States, maybe even into Canada, exploring the great wildernesses of North America while they still exist.

She’s kind of settled on a 13 foot Scamp trailer.  We’ve had numerous discussions about the benefits and drawbacks of all different sizes and manufacturers.  As you can probably imagine, I tend toward the “built like a tank and simple like a cardboard box” camp.  Jodi tends toward the “if only that 13 foot camper had the layout, amenities, and luxuries of that 40 foot RV” camp.  Well, I’ll go ahead and quote her right now.

That’s not what I said.  –Jodi

I still have plans of hiking.  And honestly, I’m kind of excited about, essentially, going to live in the wilderness.

And to be clear, this has been Jodi’s idea.  I swear.   The sailboat was ALL me.  But, this has been her.

This firmly steers us toward a new nomadic lifestyle.  Just on land instead of sea.  Of course, there are tons of people that have done it before us.

You might be thinking, “A 13 foot camper?!?  Are you guys nuts?”  The answer is a resounding, “Maybe, possibly, yes.”  In truth, all we’ll really be doing is losing the v-berth off the front of the boat to sleep in.  So, we’re really not downsizing that much more.  We will be losing quite a bit of storage, so that means, if we do this, we will have to whittle our belongings down even further.

Funnily, I’ve been telling Jodi that even before we started discussing this.

Thoughts on the Plan for the Blog

As we are selling the boat, and this website is named after her, I’ve toyed with the idea of changing the domain name.  Most all my usernames are simply “clintwesly”:  Twitter, Smugmug WordPress, Instagram, my gmail email address, my icloud address, and I might consider the idea of getting back on Facebook.  I’ll probably change my YouTube channel name to that before I get too much invested in it.

Given all that, I’m entertaining the idea of changing the blog domain to “clintwesly” as well.  The blog is pretty much my ramblings and that domain would simply tie everything together.

So, lots of changes in the works I suppose.

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Don’t be a stranger.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Jodi’s New Plan

  1. Serious plans are underway here to do something similar! Sell the house and use our tiny house in Buffalo as a home base. Check out Keep Your Daydream on YouTube. They are full time RVers with lots of adventures and tips like where to camp for free, dry camping, solar, apps to use, campgrounds etc. There are tons of channels but they are my fav.

    We just got back from Maine and I have to tell you, I’ve never seen so many Subaru’s in my life!! Lol!! Beautiful state!! Can’t wait to go back and stay a month!!

    1. Downsize and simplify. Seems to be a pretty common, or at least it’s becoming more common, theme in society currently . . . at least I kind of hope so.

      I’ll look at Keep Your Daydream. Haven’t looked too much at the RVer stuff as I was focused on sailing and then hiking. Pretty up to speed on the solar as we have 300 watts on the boat right now fed into some pretty awesome wet cell batteries. I have seen a few of the RV solutions from some of the YouTubers and man they go the expensive route. At least the ones I’ve seen. Of course, most of the sail blogs did, too, for that matter. I’m pretty frugal and tend to “design” and build my own systems based on my specifications. No idea what “dry camping” is. I’ll have to look that up.

      Jodi is dying to make it to New England. And yes, Subarus are pretty common up there. They are pretty awesome vehicles. At least the older ones. They’ve had a number of missteps in recent years as they tried to make things “better”, but we still like them.

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