A New Home

I was toying with the idea of either getting rid of this blog altogether or migrating it over to my wordpress.com account. We no longer have the sailboat and the blog domain (emet.us) just felt . . . ... Read More


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Not too long ago I was asked why I don’t want to be successful. Without pause, I said, “I am successful.” A conversation ensued and it was clear that “success” meant mate... Read More

Walker’s Rage

I read a book a few days ago called The Cost of Living.  I picked it up in the library simply because of the title.  It’s autobiographical of sorts.  Not my typical style.  The author in the b... Read More

The Smile Experiment

There doesn’t seem to be enough smiling faces these days.  Maybe we can all do something to change that.  And I don’t mean adding more emojis to your Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagra... Read More